Rising of the Sun

Rising from the ashes

Get Ready for some Sun!


!This and That – Tut’s and experiences from the Sun indoors. Activities, Tips and Tricks, How To’s and more.



¡Same as Indoors, but.. not? Projects, Repairs, Tut’s, ideas and opinions and more.

Web Browsers


¿Tutorials on everything I do. From vehicle repair, construction, welding, computers, websites and graphics, audio and broadcasting and so on.. requests for Tut’s accepted here!


Photo’s and Graphics

Photo’s I’ve taken, methods I’ve used to enhance and modify, graphics I find cool and I create, Logo’s I’ve created (most I own the © on BTW – please respect this) and more I deem fit for sharing


Getting Warmed Up

Just getting warmed (and set) up… Patience!!!!!!!

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